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Because of state regulations, any child attending school for more than two hours must have two food groups represented at snack time. Juice or milk count as one food group (one-half gallon is plenty). Because of high sugar content, juice "drink", lemonade, or Kool-aid are not counted as a credible food group and are discouraged.

    Here are a few suggestions:
  • String cheese or cheese cubs and whole grain crackers
  • Mini-muffins
  • Grapes (cut in 1/2 for 2's & 3's) or 1/2 banana with crackers/muffins
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Oatmeal or other whole grain cookies

Note: If you send the larger individual size snack bags, one bag will serve two children. The smaller "100 calorie" bags will be fine for each individual child.

  • No Fruit Snacks
  • No cupcakes (unless it's a birthday)
  • No juice boxes of any kind